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2 ways to fix an overheating laptop issue

Fix an overheating laptop is the first and most important thing you need to do before using it. Most people have overheating laptops and yet they do not realize it and neither do they know the side effect, some may even think that’s how laptops work probably that’s their first laptop.

If you have used upto 2 to 3 laptops then you must probably know something is wrong once you have an overheating system.

Symptoms of overheating laptop

Before knowing how you can fix overheating laptop you should know the basic symptoms of an overheating laptop. Some common signs related to an overheating system and you’ll easily identify them with the below signs however you must understand some of the symptoms could be from an update or other factors.

As an example once you run an app and your PC doesn’t meet the minimum specification. But to know you’ve got an overheating device you must be experiencing up to 4 or more of the symptoms below.

  • Your device fan runs like mad and makes a noise.
  • Your laptop struggles to load lite programs or slows down when performing basic task.
  • Laptop suddenly shuts down unexpectedly especially when running a program
  • Your PC freeze or hangs
  • Your laptops logs you out suddenly and loads the BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death)
  • You get program “not responding” frequently.

Using an overheating laptop can actually endanger you and therefore the components within the laptop, so fixing as soon as possible is very important. Here are some solutions to fix an overheating laptop.

How to fix an overheating laptop issue

> Fix an overheating laptop without taking apart

Avoid running programs that don’t seem to be compatible along with your device, your device maybe low in specification as an example running PES 2020 on a system with dual core and 1GB ram isn’t idea. So before you run any app confirm you check for the specification (you can check online) to see if your laptop is powerful enough to run the program.

Avoid using your laptop on a rigid structure as an example, using your laptop on your bed may restrict easy ventilation and absorbing the warmth where as placing your laptop on a plane surface or on a table actually encourage ventilation.

Activate Power saver mode to stop your computer from using more power which successively help to reduce laptop battery overheating to some extent.To do this, you’ll visit control panel – Power Option – then activate the Power saver.

Navigate to Task manager, visit start up, and choose useless apps you installed that are constantly running without you using them (be careful not to stop system programs as they will affect your system’s performance)

Use a laptop cooling pad or a laptop cooler.

> Fix an overheating laptop by taking apart

This section is for those who have computer repair knowledge or technicians, so if you’re not familiar with computer repairs you must definitely visit a computer engineer.

As said earlier the matter may be from dried cooling paste, get your thermal paste, expose your laptop, check the CPU to verify the paste is dry then apply the thermal paste and couple back your laptop.

Replace your battery if you notice it doesn’t hold charge for a long time since an unhealthy battery can cause lagging in laptop. This also helps to fix an overheating laptop.

Clean the dust and dirts you may find both on the motherboard and also the laptop case, you can use a soft brush to do the cleaning and also clean the fan and also the vent to remove all dusts.

and that is all how you can fix an overheating laptop, we have got for you today. If it worked for you, please share your testimony through comment. If you wish to turn off your windows 10 update permanently then follow this link.

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